How we help you get more from insurance.

Insurance is difficult for therapists too

Because insurance can be stingy and difficult, most therapists outside of Headway don’t directly accept it. There’s a lot of bureaucratic hassle that no one wants to do. Especially not therapists who typically work alone.

We help therapists so they can help you

Through the Headway Exclusive Network, we help therapists so they can help you. We take care of the bureaucratic hassle and work together with therapists for better group rates, making insurance can worth it for them.

What that means for you

That means when you see a Headway Exclusive therapist, you can pay a small copay and your insurance will pay the therapist the rest. To put it in perspective, that means you paying more like $20-50 rather than $200-500.

To give you as many options as possible, you can also find therapists who don’t participate in the Headway Exclusive network. While for these therapists you’ll need to pay their billed rate upfront, we can help you get the most of your insurance by getting you money back after you go to a certain number of appointments.

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